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What is the Niche Publishing Network?

I’m so glad you asked! The Niche Publishing Network (NPN) is a newly launched online community for Australia’s B2B, special interest, custom or association-based magazine and website publishers, and their teams. 

It’s something that has been on my mind for a long time.

Having worked across a number of roles in the B2B publishing space, I was always on the look-out for ways that I could improve my performance and contribute to the company’s bottom line – whether that was trawling the web for information, connecting with others in the industry, or participating in professional development courses.

And while there is a lot of information out there – it isn’t in the one spot, and it is very rarely targeted specifically to small publishers. 

So I thought I’d create a space dedicated to Australia’s niche publishing community. 

The aim of the Niche Publishing Network is to celebrate niche publishers, provide the information needed to deliver the best possible service to subscribers and clients, and provide a platform where publishers and their teams can connect. 

I’ll be sourcing practical and thought-provoking content to help editorial, sales, design, marketing, operations, audience and business development teams. This will be in the form of news articles, practical guides, interviews, and opinion pieces sourced from across the industry.

As the Niche Publishing Network’s journey unfolds, I’ll also be experimenting with different marketing and digital publishing techniques – and I plan on sharing the results with you. 

But to do this, I need your help. I’d like you to be willing to share your successes and challenges – privately via email or publicly via an opinion piece/s – so that the Niche Publishing Network can provide the most relevant and useful content. 

Let’s ignite conversations. Let’s share our knowledge and passion for the industry. Let’s learn from one another and troubleshoot together.  

So, tell me: what do you want from a news and information provider dedicated to Australian niche publishers? 

Provide your feedback in the comments below, or send me an email at 

I can’t wait to hear your feedback. 

Lyndsie Clark

Editor and Founder 

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Written by Lyndsie Clark

Niche Publishing Network Founder and Editor Lyndsie Clark has over 10 years of niche publishing experience, working in a variety of roles spanning B2B editorial, sales, operations, events, BD, and management.


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