Vibrance magazine: new regional publication for Cairns

Cairns Regional Council has launched a new free bi-monthly publication, Vibrance magazine, to provide information on the programs, projects and events of the Council’s arts and cultural branch – Cultural Services.

Vibrance magazine will showcase the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), creative developments and artists-in-residence works, successful grant outcomes, new public art installations, the Cairns Festival and more.

The Council said that the aim is that Vibrance magazine will be a “one-stop-shop to discover upcoming events across Council venues,” including the Cairns Performing Arts Centre, Munro Martin Parklands and Tanks Arts Centre.

The magazine will combine previously printed programs including Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns Performing Arts Centre, Cairns Festival and the Cairns Children’s Festival, and other arts and cultural projects, into the one magazine.

Cairns Mayor Bob Manning said “17 separate programs were printed each year, so to consolidate into the one magazine, every two months, is a more effective way to communicate information.” 

The consolidation of printed programs and distribution will provide a cost reduction to Council over the first year, and in the coming months, Vibrance will also be available digitally.

Mayor Manning said that as the digital platform usage increases, the print version will decrease to “ensure a further reduction in paper use”.


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