Universal Media Co launches new ‘Mindful Media’ title: Being magazine

Universal Media Co has launched Being magazine, the second title within its new publishing category ‘Mindful Media’.

Universal said that the magazine has been packaged in a format that “delivers intentional reading and mindful pauses in equal doses”, containing short, easy-to-digest content focused on “cultivating balance, ease and calm in life”.  

The launch edition of Being magazine.

The magazine aims to keep content short, concise and inspiring, yet deep enough to elicit an emotional connection with and mindful response from the reader, with direct, kind, nurturing, down-to-earth and practical writing. 

Being magazine Founding Editor Ally McManus said “We’re encouraging readers to transition from a place of doing and into a state of being.” 

The first edition covers a range of subjects, from navigating friendships without fear to the benefits of Nordic bathing and the creative practice of mindful photography. There is a guide to forming a healthy relationship with food and a feature on the use of rituals to help your intuition thrive. 

The magazine’s primary target audience is centennial women – a community who are coming of age, making mistakes, getting up and doing it all over again. Being invites this community to do so with the confidence, joy and compassion that comes from knowing that just “being” is enough.

Publisher Janice Williams said “Being was a launch where we stood back and handed over the reins to the 20-somethings to create a product for themselves. The result is incredibly inspiring. Being not only speaks to market desires, but boldly asserts the right to just be. It is a refreshing and meaningful read.”

Founding Editor Ally McManus developed Being from her home office on the Great Ocean Road in southern Victoria. Ally’s day-to-day life is a practice of mindfulness – each day includes yoga, meditation and a conscious engagement with all around her. 

“The notion of ‘being’ that we’re exploring in this new magazine is not a destination that you arrive at. It is a compilation of the feelings you experience throughout your journey in life. It’s a process,” said McManus.

Other publications in Universal Media Co’s ‘Mindful Media’ category incude Wellbeing and Wild


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