The Shout launches digital marketplace
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The Shout launches marketplace to help liquor brands sell during COVID-19

Intermedia’s liquor industry title The Shout has launched a digital marketplace to help liquor brands and suppliers stay connected to retailers. 

Instigated by the COVID-19 isolation restrictions, the marketplace has been launched to help liquor brands continue to connect with retailers to sell their product – instead of sales representatives visiting the stores. 

Intermedia said that, while the opportunity to visit stores directly has been reduced, liquor retailers are still open for business, and an opportunity exists for liquor brands to work with licensed venues who are looking to change their business models due to the COVID-19 restrictions. 

The launch is a great example of how B2B publishers can build further trust and connection with their brand during a crisis – demonstrating a willingness to adapt products and services to help advertisers through a challenging economic environment.

The Shout’s General Manager of Sales Shane Williams said “In these challenging times more industry than ever are turning to The Shout and National Liquor News for help, information, advice and solace. 

“The Shout’s click through rate is currently in excess of 52 per cent, highlighting our strong engagement with the trade.”

Shane Williams, General Manager of Sales, The Shout

Williams said “The Digital Marketplace aims to connect suppliers and liquor retailers at a very low cost so everyone can benefit.”

On the hub, brands can purchase a position for $900+GST to communicate brand news, promotions, support, extended terms or other changes to operations to help the industry trade through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Each position includes copy between 100-400 words, up to four images, and contact details necessary to complete the sales cycle. 

Williams said that The Shout team will drive traffic to the digital marketplace via regular solus eDMs and a targeted trade lookalike social media audience, in addition to news articles and display advertising.


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