Secret sales weapon

The sales ammo your customer is giving you…and you’re not taking it

Sales. Selling. Not for everybody. Thick skin required. Every sales rep has their tricks – the little things they do that gives them an edge over others.

The big secret may actually be time, or more specifically, time to close. The faster you can get a yes, the higher your output, and the more money you make.

It’s that simple.

Your secret sales weapon

While sales has gotten harder in media, many reps are missing one of the best tools to deliver quicker sales: your own customers’ email newsletters.

Most major companies have their own weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter combined with email alerts for upcoming webcasts, announcements, shows, user conferences, and more.

These little digital gifts from heaven come beautifully packaged with inside information on your client – their new products, new solutions, new events, new hires, new deals.

All things they should be paying to promote with you.

Ok. So now what…

You see an announcement for their upcoming webinar? Reach out to let them know your rates for promoting it. A nice juicy white paper or ebook? Send them your strategy (and price!) for marketing it. Your marketing contact got promoted to VP? Send a gift basket!

Now, I know a lot of you may be rolling your eyes and saying, “When could I find the time to subscribe to all my clients’ news?”

Don’t bother. Outsource. There are hundreds of companies abroad who will do just this type of task for a per-record fee, which is so inexpensive you could probably get 200 companies done for $80.

Yes, you’ll get a lot of email. Consider setting up a new email address designated just to these messages, which is what I do. You don’t have to read each one. Even browsing just 10 per cent of them a month will keep you plugged into your customers’ business. And this means your time to close will accelerate by already knowing what’s important to your customers at any moment.

Don’t let this free gift pass you by. Start growing your email reading list today.

This article was originally published on the Niche Media HQ blog. Based in the US, Niche Media HQ provides events, education and training for B2C, hobbyist, B2B, city and regional, and association magazine publishers.

Written by Tim Hermes

Tim Hermes is former Vice President and Group Publisher with Business Sector Media, LLC, publisher of Environmental Leader, Energy Manager Today, and the ELEMCON Conference. He’s a 20+-year B2B publishing veteran.


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