Stockhead appoints new editor

Peter Farquhar has officially stood down as Editor of Stockhead Australia and current Resources Editor Angela East has been appointed to the role.

Farquhar announced his exit in a Tweet where he simply thanked the publication. 

Farquhar joined Stockhead in February 2019, a few months after exiting Allure Media as it merged with the Pedestrian Group. He previously served with News Corp Australia in multiple roles.

Stockhead is an independent online news service dedicated to covering the stories of emerging, ASX-listed companies. 

In a statement on its website, the news service says “We think Australia’s best, untold stories lie with the other 2,000 ASX-listed [outside ASX200] companies that barely rate a mention in the press. These are the companies driving the next wave of innovation, economic growth, societal progress and shareholder wealth.” 

The publication is also known for its casual tone of voice and occasional use of GIFs and 80s references in reporting on publically listed companies. 

Stockhead is owned by AG Media Investments which has some common shareholders with Media & Capital Partners.


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