Over 50s magazine

Over-50s magazine DARE launched by Australian Seniors

Medium Rare Content Agency and Australian Seniors have launched DARE, a bi-monthly print magazine for people over 50 years old.

The launch edition of Dare magazine.

DARE magazine launched with a 100-page magazine edition mailed to more than 150,000 Australian Seniors customers. 

Custom publisher Medium Rare was appointed in December 2019 by owner of Australian Seniors, Greenstone, to publish the new over-50s magazine that aims to provide a platform for the Australian Seniors brand to showcase its services, products and research and remain engaged with its customers. 

Greenstone provides direct insurance products for customers in Australia and New Zealand. The magazine is free to all Australian Seniors members, and will also be sold at Australian Seniors retailers for $9.95. 

Medium Rare is providing content and media sales services across the Australian Seniors’ magazine, website and social media accounts. The magazine is edited by award-winning editor Michelle Endacott. 

The launch edition features content that is carefully targeted to the over-50s demographic, including the dangers of internet dating and the pros and cons of downsizing. 

On the announcement of their partnership, Medium Rare Managing Director Gerry Reynolds said “We’re delighted to partner with Greenstone to create a new publication dedicated to an audience that is often overlooked, misunderstood and misrepresented by mainstream media.

“Research shows that older consumers crave sophisticated content that is less about age and more about celebrating the best of their life stages.

“This magazine has the potential to be a real game-changer – and its guaranteed circulation will make it an attractive proposition to advertisers wishing the engage with a high-spending readership.”


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  1. I have enjoyed reading the first Dare magazine you sent me.The two pasta meals by Maggie Beer were sensational.Lots of very good reading and advice.

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