Intermedia to strike for a good cause

Intermedia is supporting climate change this week by going on strike as part of the Global Climate Strike this Friday.

The Global Climate Strike has been driven by millions of young people participating in school climate strikes over the past year with the aim of sending a clear message that the climate crisis needs immediate attention. 

Intermedia is striking as part of This is Not Business as Usual, a group of Australian and global businesses who support worker participation in the strike on 20 September 2019. 

Intermedia Managing Director Simon Grover said that the company’s participation had been greeted enthusiastically by staff and management. 

“Our climate is too important for our families and our workplaces to ignore. And we know that the number one reason that people won’t strike is because of work,” he said. 

“You shouldn’t have to choose between a paycheck and the planet. All of us benefit from living in a healthy, stable climate. It’s what has allowed us to build inspiring businesses in the first place.

“So my message to everyone at Intermedia and all my fellow business owners is: you can strike.”

Where possible, Intermedia chooses environmentally friendly ways of operating its day-to-day business. 

“We are lucky enough to own our building and are in the process of going solar,” Grover said. 

“We are also currently trialling a fully compostable magazine wrap made of plant material (instead of plastic) with our mail-house D&D Mailing.”  

Over 1,500 businesses have pledged to be a part of the This is Not Business as Usual alliance. To find out more, visit the This is Not Business as Usual website


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