Wayfarer executive travel brand launches digital magazine

Intermedia launches new Wayfarer digital executive travel magazine

The Intermedia Group’s Wayfarer Executive Travel and Lifestyle brand has expanded with the launch of a new bi-monthly, interactive digital magazine.

The digital Wayfarer executive travel magazine will be distributed six times a year to an audience of 75,000 executive travellers, and will complement the brand’s existing global television show, website and weekly newsletter. 

The Wayfarer brand is a sister publication to the Hotel Management magazine and website. 

Announcing the new digital magazine on the Hotel Management website, Editor-In-Chief James Wilkinson said the launch of the digital magazine was on the back of demand for a high-end, stylish and informative publication for the business travel market.

“We have seen increasing demand for our newsletter on a weekly basis and quite a number of subscribers have asked if we would produce a publication,” he said.

“There is a clear demand for a stylish executive travel magazine both here in Australia and across the world and we look forward to delivering a bi-monthly product tailored to the business travel market.

“In every issue, we will include the latest airline and hotel reviews and news, as well as destination guides, interviews with prominent frequent travellers, accessories and lifestyle features and much more,” Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of Hotel Management, said while the launch came at a time when people couldn’t freely explore the world at present, the premise of Wayfarer was to inspire travel and showcase some of the best experiences the globe has to offer.

“We had planned to release the inaugural issue earlier this year, however we quickly faced a crisis that would cripple the travel industry.

“But now, as we look to the future and a rebound of epic proportions, we want to be at the forefront of inspiring and showcasing the best in executive travel, from reviewing some of the world’s best airlines and hotels to uncovering some hidden bars and cafes in some of the most exciting destinations across the globe.

“We also want to do our part to promote travel in all of its glory and help the global industry to recover, reboot and return in spectacular fashion,” Wilkinson said.

Repurposing video content 

The Intermedia Group said that the new digital magazine is the only one of its kind based in Australia that’s aimed at the executive travel segment, and is completely interactive. 

The interactive launch issue includes over 30 original videos filmed on location around the world – from interviews to reviews and destination guides. 

This content is repurposed from the brand’s TV show, which has been broadcast to over 3 million viewers in 30 countries across the world since it debuted in 2018 and has also been popular on YouTube, with over 151,000 views and 1.4 million impressions.

The Intermedia Group is a leading Australasian publishing, event management and technology business that specialises in the B2B sector and has an active database of over 400,000 people.


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