Did you know? FairWork has interactive templates to make your HR easier

FairWork Australia has interactive templates to help with a range of workplace issues that may be experienced by small businesses.

FairWork’s interactive templates are available on the Fairwork website here, and include: 

  • Agreement to take annual leave in advance
  • Conversation required with casual staff to transfer to part-time or full-time
  • End of probation letter template
  • Letter of resignation template
  • Notice of requirement to take annual leave
  • Request for records template
  • Warning letter template.

The template tools include information relating to the relevant award, and note the requirements of what you need to know or do before using the templates. 

Users are presented with a form, and the required letter or agreement is generated. 

FairWork also provides information on best practice initiatives, for employers and employees to achieve a “happier, fairer and more productive” workplace. 

Fact sheets on minimum workplace entitlements, and rights and obligations are also available. 


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