Collective Hub is back with second special print edition

Collective Hub magazine has returned with its second print edition since ceasing regular publication in March 2018.

Created by Lisa Messenger, the Collective Hub is targeted at females entrepreneurs looking to build a business and disrupt the status-quo. The special edition focuses on digital innovation, from how to build a top-ranking app, monetise a podcast, find a sponsor or create a viral video. 

“Discover the inspiring start-ups using tech to save lives, reduce waste, fight disease, empower retirees and triple your savings. And, explore how technology can help you to achieve – and still feel free,” the Collective Hub website states.  

Messenger announced the special edition via a LinkedIn post. 

Messenger has been open about the decision to close the print edition in blog posts, YouTube videos, and within the final edition of the magazine. 

The last regular print edition cover of Collective Hub.

While she mentioned that chasing advertising spend was challenging, she also pointed to the issues of scaling the company as it grew as an issue for her personally. 

“This business grew into this huge beast with a lot of people, and what happened – and this is such an important thing – I went from being this juicy, creative, game-changing, thought leader, risk taker, always on the cusp of inventing and moving forward and creating, to having to look after the operational side of a business that was scaling way too quickly,” said Messenger in an interview with Collective Hub Editor Amy Molloy. 

The Collective Hub website continues, and Messenger continues to provide advice, masterclasses, speaking tours, and sell books via her personal brand

The special edition is available online and at news agencies for $12.95. 


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