The Niche Publishing Network (NPN) is an online community devoted to celebrating Australia’s niche magazine publishers and providing them with the information they need to deliver the best possible service to their readership and clients.

The Niche Publishing Network is Australia’s only news and information website dedicated to small print and digital magazine publishers, whether they be B2B, special interest, custom or association-based magazines and websites.

We source relevant and thought-provoking content to help run small publishing businesses, across editorial, sales, design, marketing, operations, audience and business development.  

So often niche publishers operate in silos – identifying with their audiences more than with the publishing community – and this is often the key to their success. But there is also a lot of learning to be had from other small publishers facing similar challenges, and NPN’s aim is to provide a space to do so.

We want to ignite conversations. We want to get sparks flying. We want magazine publishers to share their knowledge and passion for the industry.

Respectful commenting is encouraged on all our articles (see our guidelines here). And we are always seeking contributions that share your experiences and insight (click here to submit).  

Who’s behind the Niche Publishing Network?

Lyndsie Clark, Founder Niche Publishing Network
Lyndsie Clark.

Niche Publishing Network (NPN) Founder and Editor Lyndsie Clark has over 10 years of B2B magazine publishing experience, working in a variety of roles spanning editorial, sales, operations, events, BD, and management.

But, while a bit of experience is nice, it is pure passion for small publishing that has led Lyndsie to establish a website dedicated to championing niche publishers’ successes and discussing the best way to overcome the challenges they face.

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