73% of Australians pay more attention to SMS marketing than email: are you using it?

Nearly three-quarters of consumers say that an SMS message from a business is more likely to get their attention than email or an app notification, according to the latest Australian research by MessageMedia.

Mobile business messaging provider MessageMedia found that 97 per cent of Australians open SMS messages, 87 per cent have opened SMS marketing from a business, and 83 per cent have clicked through a link within SMS – proving it’s an engaging mobile experience for consumers. 

The survey also identified strong uptake in consumer action after receiving an SMS from a business: 

  • 61 per cent of respondents reported that they attended an appointment (such as a medical appointment or hairdressers) they would have otherwise forgotten
  • 61 per cent paid a bill they would have otherwise forgotten
  • 60 per cent visited a store in person or online.

SMS as a business marketing technique has grown significantly over the last three years. In 2017 there were 8.3 trillion texts sent worldwide – or 16 million per minute. Of those, approximately 1.67 trillion were business messages sent through a provider such as MessageMedia. By 2023, this figure is set to increase dramatically to 3.5 trillion – a rise of 52 per cent.

Chief Marketing Officer Tara Salmon says SMS marketing remains one of the most effective tools that marketers have at their disposal. 

“The battle to win consumers’ attention has never been so hotly contested. It’s paramount to the success of marketing campaigns that the right channel is used to cut through the noise and deliver the message.”

The findings also reveal key insights into interest levels and engagement with various types of SMS marketing. Seven in 10 consumers (71 per cent) reported that they would be more likely to respond to a message if it was delivered via a richer messaging option such as MMS or Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Ease, convenience and visual appeal were strong factors contributing to consumers’ attitudes towards SMS marketing. According to the research, 51 per cent of respondents believed that next-gen messaging protocol RCS looked like an appealing platform to use. Consumers indicated that this format would reduce frustration with the need to download a brand’s app to access important information, with 43 per cent liking the fact they can use RCS without downloading another app.

Download the full copy of MessageMedia’s report, Getting the messaging: Consumer attitudes to business SMS, here.

Written by Lyndsie Clark

Niche Publishing Network Founder and Editor Lyndsie Clark has over 10 years of niche publishing experience, working in a variety of roles spanning B2B editorial, sales, operations, events, BD, and management.


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