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12 digital revenue ideas that work

At the US Niche CEO Summit a few months ago, niche publishers gathered from all over the country to share best practices and new creative strategies. One hot topic at the roundtables was B2B digital strategies for small niche publishers. We talked about the importance of easy navigation, design, metrics and analytics. Everyone wants to know more about how to generate MORE digital revenue.

So what’s working right now in digital for small publishers? Here are 12 digital revenue ideas to grow your online business.

Here’s a short list of some big ideas:

  1. Segment with presumptive data by studying what visitors to the site are opening.
  2. Send out an email regarding a new product launch. Take a 3-pronged approach with editorial release/newsletter/website.
  3. Create a live event specifically for your super-targeted e-newsletter audience(s).
  4. Sponsored giveaways work great for lead generation. (Hotels, for example, love the lead generation.)
  5. Buy lists but be careful.
  6. Consider re-targeting, hire a digital agency.
  7. Geo-fence your competitors.
  8. Does your website revenue average between 10-17 per cent? It should. Now shoot for 25 or 30 per cent!
  9. Offer exclusive positions on your website and/or banners, limit to 5 max.
  10. Allow an advertiser to pay to “own” your site for an entire day.
  11. Regularly audit SEO on the back-end for effectiveness. ( is a good tool.)
  12. Pair your digital salespeople with your print sales. They can learn so much from each other.

So try one or all 12 of these digital revenue ideas and keep testing out what works best for your niche audience.

P.S. We asked the CEO’s of small B2B’s if any were giving up on print. The answer was a unified, resounding “No Way!” You read it here – publishers are passionate about both their digital AND print products.

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Written by Diana Landau, Content Wrangler, Niche Media HQ

Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Niche Media HQ. A former sales director and corporate marketing hack, she has now found nirvana in writing and wrangling quality content. She is the editor for the Niche Media HQ blogs and newsletters. Known for her strategic thinking, zippy copywriting, and ability to track down industry contacts, she enjoys sharing the happenings and wisdom of the niche magazine world with the niche magazine world.


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